Monday, February 27, 2012

Returning the Blessings

 It bothers me deeply that i don't spend enough time with this particular blog. I have a nutrition blog that makes a bit of money for my family and i tend to spend 99% of my online time making sure that it continues to pay the bills. Even though there are financial rewards connected to the food blog, i need to remember that it is my steadfast connection with the Highest of All powers that has lead me to its success. And for this success i bow in unending servitude.

 I have helped many people heal their sickness or at least have given them the knowledge to help them do so. I AM NOT SOME SELF PROCLAIMED HEALER! Just a former fat guy who wants to help others that are tired of being overweight and sick. The Most High One has been good to me and my family and I return the blessing by helping others beat disease. My war against illness will not end and i ask the Most Powerful Force in the universe to continue to help me. The Power of the Most High One can be yours, If you would only believe...

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


 When you have an unwavering belief in the Highest of All powers then you will know that anything that you want can be willed into existence through the power of intention and hard work. Waiting for some miracle to appear without any physical effort of some kind is greatly reducing your odds of getting results. If you want "magic" then you are barking up the wrong tree. You have to do your spiritual and physical work to make things happen.

 You must know that what it is that you want is only a short reach away and when you reach for it, it will be there waiting for you regardless of how much work you had to do to get it. The Power that controls All other power wants to reward you for your faith and belief by helping you to achieve your dreams. When you are willing to align yourself with Creation and respect other created life forms then you are watched over and provided for by the force that shakes the atoms and it is at you beck and call when you have needs to be met. Communicate with the Most High God

Sunday, October 24, 2010


 The power that we call God is not sitting on a cloud somewhere, waiting for us to call its name. It exist everywhere that sub-atomic particles exist and it has the power to control these particles without so much as a thought. Maybe this is possible because the "thing" that exploded during the Big Bang WAS God and it is all things everywhere in the universe. Hell, it IS the universe! This awesome power is available to all of us and should be used to invoke good and creativity everywhere that we go and in all we do. LEARN TO HARNESS THE POWER OF THE MOST HIGH

Saturday, September 18, 2010


 Sometimes i find myself distracted by things of this world and forget to keep my mind's eye focused on things that i am supposed to be doing NOW. It's all about NOW and doing what you have to do to attain what you want while aligning yourself with the highest of all forces. It's kind of like "The Matrix", you have more ability to do amazing things when you are focused on living in THE MOMENT!

 When living in the NOW, be the best person you can be while doing the things that you have to do to be what it is that you want to be ( i hope that makes sense to you). I AM THAT I AM. You can be whatever you choose to be if you believe in the Highest power but even more important is the belief that you will do that which you have to do to attain that goal or dream. COMMUNICATE THROUGH YOUR INTENTION

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


When i first started this blog i intended to post regularly and help people who needed a start in their personal journey toward enlightenment. Well, i wasn't very consistent and thats something you need to be successful at anything. So i'm going to try this again and i won't let my other projects distract me from this blog again.

 Going within and discovering the Force called God is a path that is there for all to walk. So many never get started and you cannot force people to do it if they are not willing. I do not mean to offend anyone, you are free to form your own opinions and post them on your own blog. However if you find these writings interesting and it helps you to develop your own personal communication with God then it was worth it for me. Communicate with the Most High Power

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Focusing on your Prayers

 For most people, prayer is just a bunch of well recited words that they HOPE will bring some kind of magical result into their lives. Prayer for many has become very mundane and ineffective yet it really is just a matter of focus and intention. Many people do not have real confidence in their prayers being heard by Almighty God, let alone being answered by him. People are losing faith in droves and it will get no better without teaching that personal relationships with God must be built. It means having real conversations with God during good times and bad. The Creative One can be your best friend but this guidance must be cultivated daily.

 Prayer must become personal and focused. Just muttering a prayer that has been rehearsed over and over through the years is not what you want to do if you are truly trying to reach the Most High One. The rule here is to make your mind silent. When reaching the Universal Mind, you must give your total attention to quieting your mind and becoming one with the silence which is the source of all quantum vibration. By focusing on your prayer and stating in detail what you want of the Almighty can the process of getting your prayers answered begin.

Communicating With God Effectively

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Can God Hear Me?


 Is it me or is the world at an alltime record high for violent acts committed against other humans. I'm not even speaking of military activities but civilian on civilian offenses. Many of this acts are committed in the name of some religion or God and even a large percentage of military actions against other nations is committed in the name of religion. I can't imagine that God would be smiling at the military actions taken against others in the name of religion. Has the world lost touch with the peaceful God that we once knew?

 It seems that the world has stepped away from one of its oldest traditions... prayer. Many people have dropped the habit of prayer from their daily regimen because they simply find it ineffective. There are people who pray everyday, several times a day and see nothing for their religious disciplines. Communicating with the Most High God is quite more than what we learned in Sunday school during our youth and I think it to be truthful when I say that communicating with God and regular prayer may not be the same thing at all.

Defining God as a being who listens to our cries for help means something different to people of a variety of cultures. I have a friend who told me that God is sitting somewhere in the Kuiper belt (outside of the solar system) watching us from a distance while my opinion is that God is everywhere that you can find sub-atomic matter. Its a matter of opinion that can reflect what an individual may expect from prayer. That's why you can't force people into religion. The religion that you are active in may not fit every one's lifestyle.

It is said that prayer is when you talk to god. Meditation is when god talks to you. It would be an advantage for many disgruntled people to do a little research into meditation. Many millions of people have found peace in the silence of meditation and apply the principles of "living in the Now" to their everyday lives. Fifteen minutes a day of meditation for three months can cause a major change in the way that you see the world and life itself. GETTING YOUR PRAYERS ANSWERED